Earlier, I wrote about some expressions our family uses to make a point and asked you to share yours. A couple of folks responded with cute stories about their own family sayings. One group blamed everything on the brother away at camp, and the other's involved the statement No Karate in the kitchen. In both cases, the phrases are still in use. Both made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

Here are a few more things Terry and I say on a regular basis.

I'm happy to say that both boys have grown up to be kind, polite young men!
Someone has two toys entered our vocabulary when some of our very young grandchildren were playing together at a holiday dinner. One particularly impulsive young’un had a habit of grabbing toys away from the other children. I can still see the earnest face of his cousin looking up at me as he tactfully voiced a plea for adult intervention. Now when one of us appears to be hogging something, you’ll hear the other say, Someone has two toys. It’s a great way to make a point without having a row.

No thank you. It doesn’t look delicious originated at a Christmas dinner when our young grandson politely stonewalled his aunt’s efforts to get him to try gravy on his mashed potatoes. (His response was accompanied by a small “Stop” hand signal to assure that none of the suspicious dish made it onto his plate.)  Now, if I’m offered a piece of coconut pie (which is not my favorite flavor), I will politely say, “No, thank you.” If you see me make a little “Stop” signal with my hand, I could also be thinking, It doesn’t look delicious. (Our neighbor, Cissy, has adopted this remark!)

The person I associate most with the phrase is my Aunt Dorothy. She and her sister, Betty, were champions of their nieces and nephews. Memories of her inspired this poem.

Family Motto
 Just right, she said,
when you’d done your best
but made a mess.
Just right.
Just right! She knew the
impulse of the deed was
greater than its final form.
Just right!
‘Though long she’s slept,
when efforts somehow disappoint,
in my heart I hear her voice,
It’s juuust right!

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