Why the Blog?

Recently a friend asked me, “Why the blog?”

My answer involves a question.

Is there anything that makes your heart sing – an interest or activity that excites you, makes you happy to wake up each day?

The process of writing does that for me. Finding just the right words to express a thought or capture a moment gives me great pleasure.

That satisfaction is what gave even this timid woman the courage to launch out into cyberspace. (Admittedly, I was pushed forward by the recognition that anyone who wants to be published has to establish an online presence.)

This “curly girl” plaque by Leigh Standley captured my feelings after I made some important life changes last year. So I bought it for myself as a reminder to listen for my heart.

I blog because it makes my heart sing! 

What brings music to your world?


My heart is like a singing bird. Christine Rossetti


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